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The meeting location is in the historical center of town (Via Partenope 36). The following map shows airport, railway station, bus terminal and workshop site.

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To visit the historical center and its surroundings, there is a subway network. More information here.

Napoli's Capodichino International Airport. International flights via Rome, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Paris and London.
A bus service (line ANM 3S/Alibus) links (every 20/30 minutes) the airport to different terminals located in the city centre, in particular Piazza Municipio (Municipio Square) is the nearest terminal to the Workshop site (approximately 2.5 Km, see map below).

A timetable for the bus from the airport to Napoli is available here.

The ticket (Unico Alibus price 3 euros) is also provided on the bus (or available in bars or newspaper stands).

From the airport to workshop, a taxi ride costs approximately 30 euros. Distance: 12 Km.
Radiotaxi phone numbers: +39.081.5707070 - +39.081.5564444 +39.081.5560202 - +39.081.5515151 - +39.081.5525252

Napoli Centrale Railway Station is located at Piazza Garibaldi (Garibaldi Square): the Congress Centre can be reached either by bus (nr. 152), or by Taxi. Distance: 5 Km.

Napoli is reachable by different highways: A1 from north (Rome), A16 from east (Bari), A3 from south (Sicily). Please, consult the official highway network site for more information. The route map is shown below.

route map